My Approach

What type of therapy do you practice?

My approach is built on the philosophy of Transactional Analysis. TA is a theory of personality and relationships based upon to the study of social level communications and their underlying psychological messages. It promotes the belief in the concept of O.K.ness and how we can become not O.K. because of problems we face in our lives. Childhood trauma and patterns of attachment to loved ones can continue to play out into our adult lives. These may manifest in ways such as continually choosing the 'wrong' partner, not progressing in our careers or feeling stuck in our lives. Indeed, we are all, at times, faced with confusion of how we got back to this same place. Gaining insight and understanding of these helps us to free ourselves from repeated patterns of behaviour that can cause unhappiness in our lives. 

The type of counselling and personal therapy I practice is relational, by which I mean what happens between you and me in the therapy room will give us clues of what is happening in the rest of your life. By using the therapeutic relationship as a basis for our work, together we can develop understanding and create change. 

The main tenets of TA are:

  • A healthy way of being is based upon a belief that I'm O.K. and You're O.K.
  • That we have a life force inside all of us (Physis) that wants to be alive, creative and loving.
  • We have the ability to change our thoughts, feelings and behaviours to create a "healthy" life for ourselves.

If you have any questions about TA and how it could be helpful for you, please contact me for an initial assessment and we can discuss how we may work together.